Talent Management

1. Recruitment & Placement: We go beyond simple resumes with a rigorous process:

  • Deep Due Diligence: We ensure your hiring decision is informed by thorough prospect evaluation, including references, background checks, and skills assessments.
  • Rich Candidate Network: We tap into our extensive database and leverage partnerships to find perfect fits, not just resumes. Have relevant skills? Join our talent network by submitting your resume so we can reach out when the right opportunity arises.
  • Structured Interviewing & Selection: We manage the entire interview process, using validated tools and methodologies to identify top talent.
  • Guaranteed Replacements: If your hire doesn’t perform within 3 months, we find a replacement—at no extra cost.

2. Outplacement & Career Support: We equip employees leaving your company with the skills and resources to land their next opportunity.

3. Leadership Development: We build strong leaders through customized assessments, coaching, and development programs.

4. Change Management: We navigate organizational transformations smoothly with strategic planning, communication, and training.

Business Operations Services

1. Workflow Optimization: We analyze your processes and workflows, identify inefficiencies, and propose practical solutions for streamlined operations.

2. Technology Integration: We seamlessly integrate relevant technologies to automate tasks, boost productivity, and enhance data-driven decision-making.

3. SOP Development: We establish clear and effective standard operating procedures (SOPs) for consistency and quality assurance.


1. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): We become your dedicated recruitment partner, handling the entire process from talent sourcing to onboarding.

2. Administrative Outsourcing: We take on non-core tasks like payroll, data entry, and customer service, freeing you to focus on core business strategies.

3. Managed Services: We handle your complete workforce management, including recruitment, payroll, benefits, and compliance, as an extension of your team.

4. Background Checks: Many organizations have had issues with some staff members whose information and background they never cross-checked before and after employment. We render this service to investigate, verify and confirm phone numbers, addresses, statuses of guarantors, etc., which help to establish the character and attitude of workers.


1. Research & Competitive Benchmarking: We gather data and insights to position your business competitively and identify growth opportunities.

2. Training Needs Analysis: We assess your workforce’s skill gaps and design targeted training programs for optimal performance.

3. Career Path Mapping: We help employees visualize their career progression within your organization, boosting engagement and retention.

4. Data-Driven Insights: We translate data into actionable insights to inform strategic decision-making across all departments.

5. Business Architecture Planning and Review: We review the baseline architectural design of the business and discover the problem with the structure based on the gap between the expected and actual results. We make recommendations for correction. Sometimes, we offer organizational reviews and staff audits with this source.

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