We're Systems and Processes Consulting Limited (S&P). We'll help you bridge the gap between plans and achievements.

At Systems and Processes Consulting, we are driven by our mission to equip enterprises across Nigeria and beyond with the frameworks and expertise to optimize performance and sustain results.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Lagos, our team leverages decades of combined experience in fields ranging from human resources advisory and technology implementation to process improvement and change management. We draw on our diverse backgrounds to provide tailored, hands-on guidance that helps organizations effectively execute on strategy.

Our collaborative approach focuses on fully understanding each client’s unique environment and goals to map out customized solutions together. Whether reviewing workflows, integrating new systems, developing leaders, or redesigning operating models, we become trusted partners in transformation.

As a rapidly growing firm, we combine analytical rigor with human-centered practices to deliver real, measurable progress. Our passion is helping enterprises across industries lay the operational foundations to compete locally and globally.

At Systems and Processes Consulting, our vision is to grow an international organization that solves business challenges across continents. We live this by partnering to tailor solutions that turn plans into outcomes.

How We Can Help


Streamline Operations

Our consultants can review your workflows and systems to identify optimization opportunities.


Develop Leaders

We help assess your management team’s capabilities and create customized leadership development programs to upskill talent.


Drive Digital Transformation

From integrating new HR tech to digitizing manual processes, we provide hands-on guidance on leveraging technology to transform.


Boost Talent Strategy

Whether recruiting, retaining or reskilling talent, we help refine your people practices to support your objectives.


Manage Organizational Change

When implementing major changes, we keep initiatives on track through impactful communications and change management.


Expand Organizational Capabilities

If you need to scale expertise in a new area fast, our outsourced services can add targeted support.


Conduct Market Research

We provide valuable market insights through competitor analysis, industry benchmarking, and other targeted research to inform strategic planning.


Establish New Processes

If you need to design and implement new processes in an area, we work collaboratively to map out optimized workflows.

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