Our recruitment  process is the starts if we receive a formal request for a prospect { would be client}  stating clearly  the position to be filled, this request must be formal through official  letter, email, whatsApp message  or text  message {voice message / call is not  acceptable} we will do our  due diligence  to confirm  that  prospect is ready to go and capable of carrying the responsibilities of an employee. Then we visit the prospect in our “Ready to execute, RTE” meeting.

In this meeting we refine the job and position descriptions and agree schedule. Then we search our rich database of candidates, if we do not have the required candidates we place adverts, work with other agents and partners and get the required candidates.

We manage the interview process, selection process, placement and on boarding process. We work with our client to ensure candidates recruited for them add value and improve on Return on Investment. If candidate is sacked, terminated or resigns within 6 months, we replace them at no cost.

We are equipped to receive workers you want to retrench or downsize; we retrain them and get them other jobs. Our outplacement costs are very affordable, working with these processes are our career management tools, career clinic, career mentoring and career fingerprinting.

Our outsourcing operation is an extension of our recruitment process. The entire recruitment process is followed, in addition, we manage the workers for the employer. In this case, we have responsibility for life insurance, NSITF, Tax [PAYE], Pension, medical/HMO, in addition to payment of monthly salaries on timely basis within any deductions.

Every business operates on the basis of a structure, this structure is the architectural design of the business. Some structures are faulty from the start while some get faulty along the line of operation for several reasons. We start by reviewing the baseline, find out problem with the structure based on gap between expected result and actual result. We make recommendations for correction. Sometimes we offer organizational review and staff audit with this source.

We use our world class Training Need Analysis model to determine the training needs of our client. Then we engage our well documented Training methodology to run the   training   with Kirkpatrick tray  feedback  approach.

The responds from our client are so far bear excellent.

Many organization have  led lots of issues with some staff whose information and background they never cross checked before and after employment, especially employees not recruited by consultants. Some organizations have tried to reach staff and guarantors whose addresses were not verified after offenses have been committed, only to realize that those staff are fake and guarantors do not stay where the claimed on the guarantors  form. We therefore render this service at criminal cost to investigate verify and confirm phone number. Addresses ,status of guarantors, part jobs which help to establish the character and attitude of a worker